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 Dollar Tree comments

Dollar Tree

On Wednesday March 31 at about 4:15pm I was harassed at the DollarTree at 354 Canton Road in Marietta, after I politely requested the manager "Jay" (who was wearing her mask around her chin) to pull her mask up before checking me out. She refused. She was still talking with a woman that she had just checked out and rolled her eyes at me when I made the request. Then the other woman that she was talking with and that had already paid for her items started yelling at me that I was being rude and interrupting them. I asked for a manager because I did not want to be harassed by these women, I just wanted to pay for my items and leave. She finally said she was the manager and at first she refused to give me her name and then she said her name was Jay. And then she refused to check me out. Then I was harassed by the same woman she was talking to in the parking lot, the woman that was in front of me in line and had already checked out. The manager was still talking to this woman while starting to ring my items up and ignoring my request, she rolled her eyes at me and refused. Then when I exited the building this woman that she had been talking to got on her phone and started recording me on video as she continued to harass me. I made a simple request for the woman checking me out to wear her mask. I did not ask to be harassed. This was a highly upsetting experience. I left the store shaking and terrified. I asked politely, it was a simple request. The sign on the door even required masks. I want to make sure that the corporate offices know how this manager treated customers and her attitude towards a customer that made a polite request. As well as refusing to put her mask on and refusing service.

L Thomas
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